Tuesday, 7 March 2017



I'd actually forgotten that Warehouse existed.  I used to shop there quite frequently pre-children, when there seemed to be branches everywhere, even in our small local shopping area, until it closed (along with my beloved Topshop) when a large shopping mall opened up nearby.  I'm not complaining, I loved the shopping mall (still do, just not the parking charges - seriously, you need a mortgage), but I did really love those small high street branches as whilst they didn't stock everything, you could always find a gem in there somewhere.  So I had completely forgotten about Warehouse, until my rather gorgeous and very stylish friend rocked up at my biggest little's birthday party in a stunning navy jumpsuit, paired with a cashmere jumper (it was October) and some amazing J Crew heels, and she re-ignited my love of Warehouse.  So I've been perusing the Warehouse website for a few months now and I managed a sneak peak today whilst the littlest little was sleeping and what do you know, they are having a spring sale?  It only just seems like the winter sales have finished and I'm wondering if I have missed something, has spring come and gone?? I hope not.  However, I am not one to turn down a sale so here are my picks of the bunch...

So since it all started with a gorgeous jumpsuit that's where I'll begin.  This is a similar style to the navy beauty my friend tempted me with and although you might think it's still a little cold for sleeveless, I would take some style advice from said friend and actually wear it with a sweater, grey, navy or black or perhaps a pop of a bright colour (?tomato red ?sunshine yellow) they would all look great.  Some of the patterned jumpsuits are a little much in my opinion, but you can't go wrong with a classic polka dot and this dotty jumpsuit makes a nice difference from plain old black, and would be great dressed down for the day and easy to dress up for a quick transition to a night out, just add some heels, a sparkly statement necklace and some red lipstick. 

If you do want a plain black jumpsuit, I love the look of this one, this time with sleeves.

If you want something a little more dressy, how about this beautiful black dress with ruffled sleeves

 Or this beautiful lace self portrait lookalike

I absolutely love this denim midi dress, it even has pockets!  Sadly it is only available in a few sizes, but if you win the sale bingo and your size is there, you can grab an absolute bargain.  This would be perfect for spring with some ankle boots and perhaps colder summer nights, and would even last you into autumn/winter if you paired it with some tights and black heels.   

Now spring is finally here (it is isn't it??) then we can all ease up on the layers, and perhaps wear a lighter jacket or shacket, I love a khaki utility one, and this shirt would double up as a shirt and shacket.  It would look great with some black biker jeans and a bit of breton underneath.

They also appear to be killing it with their shoes and accessories. These chelsea ankle boots are a classic, and you'll get a bit of wear out of them in the spring, but then you'll be all prepared for next winter.

I am currently confined to using a nappy bag, but I can still dream about bags and these clutch bags are lovely.  They are available in a range of colours, but my favourites are the black and the pewter (got to love a metallic accessory).
 Black Clutch Bag £22                Pewter Clutch Bag £22

These cross body bags are a little more mama friendly, again in a range of colours, but I'm loving the tomato red and classic navy.

Now finally don't think I am mad, or dare I say it organised, but how about this Christmas jumper?  For £10 it's surely worth popping one of these in your basket for later in the year, trust me it's going to come round soon enough, we are already in March.  I think these look very much like the gorgeous Chinti and Parker cashmere beauties, but for a much more affordable price.

                    Christmas Jumper £10                             Christmas Jumper £10

Thank you so much for reading
Sophie x

Friday, 24 February 2017

Hush Little Baby...

Hush Little Baby...

 ...don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a whole new spring wardrobe!  I think the sleepless nights with a baby may be going to my head.  However, whilst I am struggling with the broken sleep and general lack of sleep due to the night feeds, there is one bonus - I get to do some phone shopping to keep me awake whilst I feed.  As a psychologist, I can always find a positive re-frame for any scenario and so I bring you the wonderful world of Hush clothing.  

Hush is a brand I had seen online, all over Instagram etc, I had even gone so far as getting a catalogue in the post but I had never actually made a purchase.  I think as I hadn't seen the clothing in real life, I wasn't sure as to the quality and so had not wanted to commit.  More fool me, I should've ordered so as I could see for myself, as I have been seriously missing out.  As luck or fate might have it, one of my very lovely and super generous friends actually sent me a parcel at the beginning of this year, which contained my very own item of hush clothing - a star shirt - and I loved it, so much so, I have worn it loads already.  So when an email popped up in my inbox alerting me to the new spring collection, I didn't hesitate to click on the link and look what treasures I have found for you...

Starting off where it all began with the stars collection.  I love this classic white t-shirt with a metallic twist and I love how it's been styled with the khaki.   So not only do Hush offer fabulous clothing they also give you inspiration as to how you might wear it.  This is ideal, as who doesn't have a pair of khaki trousers in their wardrobe just waiting for spring to arrive. I would probably go for a khaki chino (I may have picked up a distressed pair for £5 in the H&M sale) rather than a harem though, but that's just my preference.

They also have an olive green version of my gorgeous star print shirt here, but seeing as I already have the shirt I have been eyeing up the dress version.  This will be perfect for spring/summer and with it's button down front, also perfect for breastfeeding.  I love how they've styled it too, and I would also pair this with a pair of leather ankle boots.  If I was lucky enough to own a pair of Chloe Susanna boots, it would be them, but sadly at present I can only stretch to the Office Lucky boots (although I have to say they are a fab more affordable alternative).
Azalea Dress £65

A bit of a classic buy this one, and whilst I am so over jumpers (come on sunshine, where are you?, this thin knit would be perfect for spring and summer evenings.  It also comes in grey, but I much prefer the black version personally.

Star Jumper £85

I haven't just been drawn to clothing either, but they also have some fabulous accessories, like this crossbody/shoulder leather bag, which not only has a beautiful perforated star detail, but also a leather star charm attached.

So moving on, I think that's enough of the stars and now onto dungarees.  I still haven't had the guts to wear dungarees yet and I wasn't sure if it was a bit of a fleeting trend, but no it appears the dungarees are still here to stay and these ones are extremely tempting.  I love that they are a little unique in their design.

They also have some fabulous jumpsuits.  If I wasn't such a munchkin, I love the Amalfi jumpsuit, but I fear that it might swap me, and so I think the Riviera is probably a better fit for me, but both gorgeous, don't you think?
                                           Amalfi Jumpsuit £85             Riviera Jumpsuit £85

Bored of stars, bored of stripes (no, let's be realistic, this is never going to happen, I will never tire of breton) then Hush bring you the lightening bolt.  They have a whole range of lightening inspired items (do have a look), but my personal favourite is another take on the classic white t-shirt.

Just to prove that I am not bored of stripes, my final pick from the Hush Spring range is a beautiful striped skirt.  I am not normally a skirt person, I don't have a huge amount in my wardrobe and I tend to prefer trousers, but this might just change things. The fact that I share a name with it is surely a sign to purchase? No? I also love the pairing of this with a splash of yellow, perfect to get you in the mood for spring

This is just the tip of the iceberg, they have some seriously good stuff on their website, so do have a look.
Thank you for reading.
Sophie x  

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mango - End of Sale Finds

Mango - End of Sale Finds

A very quick blog post today, so you can grab the bargains whilst they are still to be had.  We're way way into February and dare I say it almost into March and so you would think that all the decent sale stock is gone, right? wrong!  My late night feeding sessions with the littlest little mean that I have to find some way to keep myself awake until he has finished feeding and what better way that online shopping!  So I may have made a late night/early morning purchase a few days ago, which arrived today.  In my defence (and in case hubby is reading, which I strongly doubt) I have recently sold a load of my maternity clothes on eBay and so had some spare paypal funds floating around, which were just waiting to be spent on some more goodies. Anyway enough of my waffling, here are the treasures I ordered and my thoughts on them all, they are sadly not all staying, but on a positive that means I get some money back to buy something else (ever the optimist!).

I absolutely love this gorgeous dress and it is such a good price I couldn't not buy it. I'm not usually a fan of florals, but this is a gentle monochrome version of florals and if my london fashion week Instagram feed is anything to go by, then florals are IN!  I think this is supposed to be a midi length, but on a munchkin like me comes up as more of a maxi, but it works all the same.  It is not ideal for my current breastfeeding requirements (no easy access), but I am not going to be breastfeeding for ever and there is the odd occasion when hubby and I get to go out sans bambino.  This dress is perfect for spring to hide my whiter than white legs (the joys of being an English rose), but will also work in the summer.  This is one of those items that could be dressed up for a special occasion, or equally worn for everyday casual events (a more likely occurrence in my world).  This is definitely a keeper and I think I'm going to wear this with some black ankle boots and possibly a biker jacket.  There are still a range of sizes available online (sizing seems pretty spot on for those of you who are interested) so grab it while you can.

Another keeper, but this one is only left in size small I'm afraid, so you are going to have to act fast (although I ordered two sizes and I am just about to send back a size medium which may well appear on the website in due course and Mango do have a handy alerting system for when sizes come back in stock).  I love a jumpsuit, and I have a fabulous Topshop bandeau one, which is a little small for my post baby body to squeeze into and also not breastfeeding friendly so I have been looking for a breastfeeding friendly one and I found one for less than twenty quid (does happy dance).  This did arrive a little crumpled (which does not necessarily bode well for wearing it, but we shall see).  This is a light fabric, perfect for spring/summer, with a very handy little popper which make breastfeeding a doddle (I tested it!).  I think this could equally be dressed up or down, but I think I am more likely to dress this up with some heels or leopard print flats, some gold jewellery and a bit of red lippy.

So I did rather well and those were my actual only keepers, but I did also order this metallic top, which I actually quite liked but didn't realise from the picture online it was cropped (must pay more attention, I blame the sleepless nights).  For a post baby body, cropped is not a good look, trust me.  However if you were planning to tuck this in (as they have styled it on the website - see pic below) I think it could work, but for me I would need to be constantly untucking to accommodate the breastfeeding and I cannot be bothered with that at the moment, particularly when you have a little one who wants his milk NOW!  However, aside from this hurdle, the fit was actually really nice and I loved the colour, so if you are not currently breastfeeding, this might work for you.

And finally of course a little bit of leopard (but no stripes this time!).  I loved the fit of this, nice and loose at the bottom but fitting well around the shoulders, and it was pretty flattering (apologies my iPhone photos do not really do it justice), but i wasn't sold on the fabric.  I love a leopard print, but it has to be a certain quality for me and this really didn't make the grade in my books.  I'm a little gutted as I've subsequently realised this also comes in grey as well as brown, which I suspect may have looked a little better.  As I didn't love it, it is going back.

Thank you for reading.  I would love to hear your comments. 
Sophie x

Monday, 20 February 2017

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

Following on from my F Word post, I'm bringing you some more frills.  For those of you with a larger budget this beautiful Co Tiered Sleeve Sweater.   Co is a luxury womenswear brand based in Los Angeles and stocked by specialty stores.
This is currently sold out on the UK sites Farfetch, and Net a Porter but I've managed to track it down on one of the US sites.  It's not cheap at upwards of £300, but it is beautiful as demonstrated by my favourite girl crush witblog on Instagram.
But do not fear, for those of you like me who do not have a few hundred quid to spare (I love maternity leave but it is not good for my shopping addiction) I have found a couple of more affordable alternatives.  As I suspect frills are going to be a more of a fleeting trend, you also might not want to break the bank with this one, so here are some options that might be a little more within reach.
This one from Boohoo.  Granted the quality does not look that great online, but for a passing trend and twenty quid it might be worth a try.

This one which comes in both black and grey (which I prefer) from Bow's Boutiques.  Sadly the grey appears to be out of stock at the moment, but the black is still in stock.  This looks like a more wearable thinner knit version that would work really well for spring.

Finally this offering from Topshop, whilst not identical being a cardigan rather than a jumper.  I think styled with a black top could have a similar effect, and it may be a little more versatile than the jumper.  The quality also looks pretty good.  A nice chunky knit, which is unlikely to fit under a coat, but would be a great coatigan for when the weather warms up.

Thank you for reading.  I would love to hear your comments.
Sophie x

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The F Word

The F Word

Whilst those of you who know me, will be aware I do have a bit of a potty mouth, I'm actually talking frills here, they seem to be everywhere and whilst I am not a girly girl I am finding myself rather drawn to them, so I thought I'd share a round up of my favourites with you...

For those of you a little frightened of the frill, let me ease you in gently with a very subtle frilled vest from Topshop.  These are a bargain at £6 so not going to break the bank and no big dramas if these go out of fashion or you fall out of love with them.  They also come in a range of colours and I think would be great for layering until the warmer temperatures arrive and perfect for topping up your tan (just be careful of those straps) when the sunshine finally decides to make an appearance.  I am currently breastfeeding and so living in a uniform of vests and t-shirts/tops/jumpers and these would make a lovely change to the boring vests I am currently sporting.

Also from Topshop, a fresh take on the classic white t-shirt for less than a tenner.  These also come in a lovely range of spring colours. Now if they just did this in a stripe, I would be one happy lady.

H&M also have some brilliant bargain pieces, including this blouse which comes in a lovely blue stripe or simple white. Not ideal for me breastfeeding at the moment as no easy access in this one, but I am tempted so that I can either pack it away for summer or bring it out on the rare occasion that I have a night out sans enfant.

This one however with it's button down front, I could definitely get away with for breastfeeding, whilst it may be a bit of a faff with all those buttons, what's a few buttons in the name of fashion.  If we can get a babysitter for our biggest little, then hubby and I do occasionally manage to get out with our littlest little (as he is much more transportable and well behaved) and this would be perfect for dinner or drinks out.  I love how they have styled this too with smart black trousers (all black, super slimming post bambino), and a stunning red lip.  I'd like to think I look as glamourous as this, but sadly this is not the case (I do however continue to try!).

This wouldn't really be my blog if I didn't include a stripe (or two!), and having narrowly missed out on the Chinti and Parker Ruffled Stripe top in the sales (I ordered it, did a high five, and then got an email a week later to say they had messed up and didn't have any stock G-UUUUU-TTED) I am still searching for a stripe top with a ruffle.  J Crew have this offering in the sale for £24, but only in limited sizes. I do have a fair bit of J Crew Breton, and the quality is very good.

Having had a baby a few months ago, I still have a bit of a mum tum, which is not going anywhere fast until I get my backside into gear and do some exercise, but once I do, I would definitely be wearing something like these gorgeous Topshop Ruffle Waist Cropped Trousers.  I love how they've styled these with a simple t-shirt and trainers, perfect mum uniform, that could easily be transformed for going out with a statement necklace and a gorgeous pair of heels.

Going all out there with the ruffles and the pattern is this beauty, which has been all over Instagram. I am not sure I am brave enough to rock this, but I have seen some gorgeous ladies who have and look a-maz-ing.  The styling on the website is pretty pants and makes this look a little bit granny I think, but they have the right idea, just the wrong shoes.  I think this could look pretty amazing with the right heeled ankle or shoe boots.  If you can't quite bring yourself to wear such an explosion of pattern and colour all over, then they do also have this blouse but for five pounds more you get a whole dress, and I think you either go all out or not at all to be honest.

Finally a little something for the littles.  I don't have girls, I have been cursed blessed with boys, but if I did have a girl, this is what she would be dressed in.  Stripes and frills, what is not to love.

Thank you for reading.  I would love to hear your comments.
Sophie x