Friday, 24 February 2017

Hush Little Baby...

Hush Little Baby...

 ...don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a whole new spring wardrobe!  I think the sleepless nights with a baby may be going to my head.  However, whilst I am struggling with the broken sleep and general lack of sleep due to the night feeds, there is one bonus - I get to do some phone shopping to keep me awake whilst I feed.  As a psychologist, I can always find a positive re-frame for any scenario and so I bring you the wonderful world of Hush clothing.  

Hush is a brand I had seen online, all over Instagram etc, I had even gone so far as getting a catalogue in the post but I had never actually made a purchase.  I think as I hadn't seen the clothing in real life, I wasn't sure as to the quality and so had not wanted to commit.  More fool me, I should've ordered so as I could see for myself, as I have been seriously missing out.  As luck or fate might have it, one of my very lovely and super generous friends actually sent me a parcel at the beginning of this year, which contained my very own item of hush clothing - a star shirt - and I loved it, so much so, I have worn it loads already.  So when an email popped up in my inbox alerting me to the new spring collection, I didn't hesitate to click on the link and look what treasures I have found for you...

Starting off where it all began with the stars collection.  I love this classic white t-shirt with a metallic twist and I love how it's been styled with the khaki.   So not only do Hush offer fabulous clothing they also give you inspiration as to how you might wear it.  This is ideal, as who doesn't have a pair of khaki trousers in their wardrobe just waiting for spring to arrive. I would probably go for a khaki chino (I may have picked up a distressed pair for £5 in the H&M sale) rather than a harem though, but that's just my preference.

They also have an olive green version of my gorgeous star print shirt here, but seeing as I already have the shirt I have been eyeing up the dress version.  This will be perfect for spring/summer and with it's button down front, also perfect for breastfeeding.  I love how they've styled it too, and I would also pair this with a pair of leather ankle boots.  If I was lucky enough to own a pair of Chloe Susanna boots, it would be them, but sadly at present I can only stretch to the Office Lucky boots (although I have to say they are a fab more affordable alternative).
Azalea Dress £65

A bit of a classic buy this one, and whilst I am so over jumpers (come on sunshine, where are you?, this thin knit would be perfect for spring and summer evenings.  It also comes in grey, but I much prefer the black version personally.

Star Jumper £85

I haven't just been drawn to clothing either, but they also have some fabulous accessories, like this crossbody/shoulder leather bag, which not only has a beautiful perforated star detail, but also a leather star charm attached.

So moving on, I think that's enough of the stars and now onto dungarees.  I still haven't had the guts to wear dungarees yet and I wasn't sure if it was a bit of a fleeting trend, but no it appears the dungarees are still here to stay and these ones are extremely tempting.  I love that they are a little unique in their design.

They also have some fabulous jumpsuits.  If I wasn't such a munchkin, I love the Amalfi jumpsuit, but I fear that it might swap me, and so I think the Riviera is probably a better fit for me, but both gorgeous, don't you think?
                                           Amalfi Jumpsuit £85             Riviera Jumpsuit £85

Bored of stars, bored of stripes (no, let's be realistic, this is never going to happen, I will never tire of breton) then Hush bring you the lightening bolt.  They have a whole range of lightening inspired items (do have a look), but my personal favourite is another take on the classic white t-shirt.

Just to prove that I am not bored of stripes, my final pick from the Hush Spring range is a beautiful striped skirt.  I am not normally a skirt person, I don't have a huge amount in my wardrobe and I tend to prefer trousers, but this might just change things. The fact that I share a name with it is surely a sign to purchase? No? I also love the pairing of this with a splash of yellow, perfect to get you in the mood for spring

This is just the tip of the iceberg, they have some seriously good stuff on their website, so do have a look.
Thank you for reading.
Sophie x  


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