Saturday, 18 February 2017

The F Word

The F Word

Whilst those of you who know me, will be aware I do have a bit of a potty mouth, I'm actually talking frills here, they seem to be everywhere and whilst I am not a girly girl I am finding myself rather drawn to them, so I thought I'd share a round up of my favourites with you...

For those of you a little frightened of the frill, let me ease you in gently with a very subtle frilled vest from Topshop.  These are a bargain at £6 so not going to break the bank and no big dramas if these go out of fashion or you fall out of love with them.  They also come in a range of colours and I think would be great for layering until the warmer temperatures arrive and perfect for topping up your tan (just be careful of those straps) when the sunshine finally decides to make an appearance.  I am currently breastfeeding and so living in a uniform of vests and t-shirts/tops/jumpers and these would make a lovely change to the boring vests I am currently sporting.

Also from Topshop, a fresh take on the classic white t-shirt for less than a tenner.  These also come in a lovely range of spring colours. Now if they just did this in a stripe, I would be one happy lady.

H&M also have some brilliant bargain pieces, including this blouse which comes in a lovely blue stripe or simple white. Not ideal for me breastfeeding at the moment as no easy access in this one, but I am tempted so that I can either pack it away for summer or bring it out on the rare occasion that I have a night out sans enfant.

This one however with it's button down front, I could definitely get away with for breastfeeding, whilst it may be a bit of a faff with all those buttons, what's a few buttons in the name of fashion.  If we can get a babysitter for our biggest little, then hubby and I do occasionally manage to get out with our littlest little (as he is much more transportable and well behaved) and this would be perfect for dinner or drinks out.  I love how they have styled this too with smart black trousers (all black, super slimming post bambino), and a stunning red lip.  I'd like to think I look as glamourous as this, but sadly this is not the case (I do however continue to try!).

This wouldn't really be my blog if I didn't include a stripe (or two!), and having narrowly missed out on the Chinti and Parker Ruffled Stripe top in the sales (I ordered it, did a high five, and then got an email a week later to say they had messed up and didn't have any stock G-UUUUU-TTED) I am still searching for a stripe top with a ruffle.  J Crew have this offering in the sale for £24, but only in limited sizes. I do have a fair bit of J Crew Breton, and the quality is very good.

Having had a baby a few months ago, I still have a bit of a mum tum, which is not going anywhere fast until I get my backside into gear and do some exercise, but once I do, I would definitely be wearing something like these gorgeous Topshop Ruffle Waist Cropped Trousers.  I love how they've styled these with a simple t-shirt and trainers, perfect mum uniform, that could easily be transformed for going out with a statement necklace and a gorgeous pair of heels.

Going all out there with the ruffles and the pattern is this beauty, which has been all over Instagram. I am not sure I am brave enough to rock this, but I have seen some gorgeous ladies who have and look a-maz-ing.  The styling on the website is pretty pants and makes this look a little bit granny I think, but they have the right idea, just the wrong shoes.  I think this could look pretty amazing with the right heeled ankle or shoe boots.  If you can't quite bring yourself to wear such an explosion of pattern and colour all over, then they do also have this blouse but for five pounds more you get a whole dress, and I think you either go all out or not at all to be honest.

Finally a little something for the littles.  I don't have girls, I have been cursed blessed with boys, but if I did have a girl, this is what she would be dressed in.  Stripes and frills, what is not to love.

Thank you for reading.  I would love to hear your comments.
Sophie x


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